Prayer Vigils for October 2019 Weekend

The next KAIROS Weekend is October 17-20, 2019.

Please pray for the success of the weekend, the safety of the team, the hearts of the men (KAIROS Inside) or women (KAIROS Outside) we are trying to reach. We have a prayer clock that starts on Thursday evening (for the men) or Friday evening (for the women) and runs through Sunday afternoon.  From the time the weekend retreat starts people are praying around the clock for the entire weekend.

Please sign up for the prayer vigils for the KAIROS RJDCF weekends on Yards A, B, C, & D

Yard A:
Yard B:
Yard C:
Yard D:

We really do need you.

If you feel called to bring the Light of Christ to those who are incarcerated, we are looking for you. Use the form below and let’s connect.

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