Pledge & Donate

Kairos of San Diego is a non-profit run entirely by volunteers with zero paid staff.
We rely on your help.

Kairos of San Diego has been self sufficient since the program started in 1991.  All funding for both Kairos Inside and Kairos Outside are kairos_outsidefrom individual donations or contributions from local churches.  Kairos of San Diego does not have Corporate Sponsors.  100% of all funding for Kairos goes directly to the ministry.  Kairos of San Diego is a  non-profit run entirely by volunteers with zero paid staff.

If you would like to make a tax deductable donation to Kairos of San Diego, please make your donation to:

Kairos of San Diego Treasurer
PO Box 9614
San Diego, CA 92169

If you would like to make other arrangements for donation, please contact the Treasurer at the address above,  or by email by clicking here.

Thank you SO MUCH for your financial support of the Kairos Prison Ministry here in San Diego!

In addition to financial support, you can become a part of the Kairos of San Diego Ministry by:

Prayer – The number 1 way to help in a Kairos weekend is to pray. Please pray for the success of the weekend, the safety of the team, the hearts of the men (Kairos Inside) or women (Kairos Outside) we are trying to reach.  We have a prayer clock that starts on Thursday evening (for the men) or Friday evening (for the women) and runs through Sunday afternoon.  From the time the weekend retreat starts people are praying around the clock for the entire weekend.

Cookies – It takes 4,000 dozen (that is 48,000 each) homemade cookies to put on a Kairos Inside weekend.  That is a lot of cookies.  Why so many?  Each cookie is a physical form of prayer and shows the love of the community represented in every bite.  The impact these cookies have is awesome.

Agape – Agape for the weekend can come in the form of posters, place mats, individual letters, etc.  Agape from children seem to touch the hearts of these men the most.  These make great projects for children’s Sunday School classes.  Just remember that any agape should only have the sender’s first name and age for the children.

Team membership – Would you like to work on a Kairos team? If you feel that God maybe calling on you to actively work in the prison ministry, then Kairos is for you.  Certainly prison ministry is not for everybody, however, for those called to this ministry it is one of the most rewarding, challenging, and spiritually uplifting ministries you will ever be involved in.  Let us talk with you about it. Click here to send us an email to get more information about Kairos Inside orKairos Outside.

Kairos Presentation – If you would like a presentation about Kairos (Inside or Outside) for your church, organization, group, etc. please let us know.  The presentation lasts about 30 minutes.  Click here to send us an email to get more information about this Kairos presentation.